Use Cases

As the digital asset ecosystem continues to evolve, there are several near-term use cases which have sizable transaction markets already. Short-term use cases differ significantly from the longer-term use cases that we envision materializing.

Near Term Use Cases

Volatility Hedging

Institutional and retail traders often protect downside movements by converting into a stable value asset during periods of extreme volatility. The vast majority of digital assets are highly volatile, with DCE providing a near-instant hedge without the fees and inefficiencies of fiat conversion.

Payment for Other Digital Assets

We believe that more and more assets will move onto the blockchain, including both hard assets and traditional securities. Digitized versions of fiat (e.g. stablecoins) will serve as the primary method for purchasing and redeeming these assets.

Fiat Equivalent for Trading

Currency trading strategies are popular methods to gain yield and/or hedge for institutional and retail traders. As we expand currency pairs, traders will be able to leverage these strategies with the efficiencies of blockchain-based fiat.

Clearing / Settlement

DIGITAL CASH GmbH‘s tokens remove the restrictions inherent to the current financial ecosystem, allowing 24/7/365 settlement of assets with digitized fiat currency.

Alternatives to Market Incumbents

DIGITAL CASH GmbH offers a fully compliant, 1:1 asset backed solution, which could replace unregulated, partially collateralized stablecoins currently dominating the marketplace.


Longer Term Use Cases

Cross-Border Remittance

DCE will function as a standard global payment and money transfer solution for the EUR-based economy . Today’s payment infrastructure is plagued by high fees and slow speeds, with average fees of $35 plus foreign exchange rates, and 2-5 business days in settlement time. We seek to greatly reduce these.

Money Transfers

Our token is a digital asset that can be easily and securely transferred anywhere at anytime, serving the global economy as a trustworthy medium of exchange with a universal understanding of its fiat-cash-based peg.

Utility Trading

DCE can be efficiently utilized for peer-to-peer (“P2P”) energy trading transactions. We anticipate that this practice will increase as traditionally centralized services in the global economy move towards P2P transactions.

DApp Ecosystem

Decentralized apps, or DApps are applications that leverage blockchain technology to perform a service. The decentralized nature of a blockchain is what permits the creation of decentralized apps, and they are increasing in popularity. A stablecoin is particularly attractive for DApps, as it allows users to pay for goods and services with a token that is not volatile, so users can trust and use it. Likewise, merchants can accept it with a high degree of confidence that it will not suddenly drop in value the next day.

Banking the Unbanked

Many developing countries are suffering from financial crises or hyperinflation, leading people to lose trust in their countries’ fiat currencies. Digital assets can potentially provide a trustworthy store of value to individuals in these countries, as well as unbanked individuals. According to the latest research by Global Findex, 1.7 billion adults do not have a bank account which accounts for 31% of the global adult population.

Trade Finance

Addressing trade financing issues for micro small scale and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is solvable through blockchain-enabled payment and settlement solutions. Our tokens can serve as the asset to better service trade-financing solutions for MSMEs.

Exchanges and Decentralized Finance

We will seek to offer DeFi options through our exchanges and DeFi applications partners.