Unlike Bitcoin which is decentralized, trust plays an important role for centralized digital assets since the centralized issuer has considerable impact on the tokens’s operability and underlying systems.

Who is responsible?

As the token issuer, Digital Cash GmbH was incorporated in the state of Frankfurt a.M. Germany under the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and its institutions. Digital Cash GmbH will maintain the necessary licenses and registrations to lawfully issue and redeem its token.

The Importance of Trusted Stablecoins in Monetary Systems

Stablecoins have been growing rapidly and are being used more and more as a payment medium and monetary instrument in various financial services. Stablecoins now have the attention of regulators around the globe and have led to a deeper regulatory engagement. As the regulatory landscape evolves, there are no questions about the importance of transparency, solvency, and trust. The market needs a globally accepted and trusted digital fiat currency backed by secure blockchain technology.

…and most importantly backed with central bank money, which is in the EURO-system just cash.