The 100% Central-Bank-Money backed Euro-Token

A unique, 100% physically-backed approach to creating a safe haven for investors in the crypto ecosystem and the trusted foundation for new blockchain-based business models.


Introduction to DCE token

We believe blockchain technology is the future of the internet

Stablecoins represent a significant advancement in digital assets, leveraging the infrastructure, regulatory oversight and currency stability of the traditional financial system, while operating with the speed and efficiency of the internet.

Financial Instrument

The first legally compliant, highly secure physically-backed, insured, bank-independent token.

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Trust plays an important role for centralized digital assets since the centralized issuer has a considerable impact on the tokens’s operability and underlying systems.

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One of the largest factors for success in digitizing various currencies is ensuring there is a 1:1 cash reserve held with a market leading security company.

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We and our partners have employed rigorous policies, regulatory oversight and security standards to help ensure that its digital assets share the same robust frameworks and time-tested guardrails inherent to traditional assets.

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Our solution offers the tokenization of physical assets as a 100% physically-backed Euro token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Use Cases

As the digital asset ecosystem continues to evolve, there are several near-term use cases which have sizable transaction markets already.

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Brilliant Partners
of Digital Cash

And we’re just getting started.

Token Sale

Buy and sell DCE

DCE can either be issued for large institutional clients directly with a quantified Agio and also against ETH due to regulatory reasons or traditionally through the relevant exchanges on which DCE will be listed. DCE can be bought throughout a pair-listing with ETH.

Token Price:

1 DCE = 1.00 €



How to buy?

The description is meant for classic market participants who didn’t yet had a big exposure to the crypto-ecosystem.

Launch date: November 2022

Token Sale