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What is it?

DCE is a 100% fiat-cash-collateralized financial instrument that will only be issued when the corresponding collateralized cash (central bank money) is placed in custody with a third-party trustee. DCE anchors its value to the price of the EURO.

Redeemable and pegged 1-to-1 with cash fiat currency, we can virtually eliminate volatility, while still benefiting from the advantages of digital assets, such as high transaction speeds matched with low costs. DCE will function as a global currency solution on the Ethereum network.

The Digital Cash Euro Token will be available for purchase by individuals and legal entities. The sale by Digital Cash will be made against payment in the cryptocurrency Ether (or another Etherium-based cryptocurrency) or alternatively in Bitcoin.

A purchase against payment in a fiat currency (cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal etc.) shall not be possible. A purchase of the Digital Cash Euro Token against payment in Stablecoins, such as tokens linked to the USD like Tether (USDT), TrustToken (TrueUSD) or Circle (USDC), shall also not be possible.

A holder of a Digital Cash Euro Toke can exchange it back to Digital Cash against receipt of cryptocurrencies. The re-exchange is only possible into the cryptocurrencies that can be used for the deposit, whereby the selected deposit cryptocurrency does not necessarily have to correspond to the withdrawal cryptocurrency. A re-exchange against EUR and the banknotes deposited by Digital Cash as backing is not possible.

The Digital Cash Euro Token should be able to be used by the acquirers on crypto trading platforms to buy other crypto assets. The Digital Cash Euro Token shall not embody any rights similar to securities vis-à-vis the Digital Cash.

What are the benefits?

  • Stability
    Each individual digital token is equivalent to a EURO banknote collateral (which is central bank money).
  • Security
    The physical cash is 100% insured and stored independently of banks in high-security vaults belonging to and guarded by one of the world's most recognized security companies.
  • Reliability
    Independent legal opinions underline regulatory compliance of business model.
  • Transparent
    Independent audit reports provided.
  • Powered by blockchain
    DCE uses Ethereum technology (Ethereum ERC-20 protocol), the most well-known standard for smart contracts in the digital asset community. All transactions operate according to the rules of a smart contract on the Ethereum platform, eliminating human error.
  • Liquid
    DCE will be available on exchanges globally against the most liquid digital asset pairs, allowing the tokens to be seamlessly accessed and traded.

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How to buy and sell DCE?

DCE can either be issued for large institutional clients directly with a quantified Agio and also against ETH due to regulatory reasons or traditionally through the relevant exchanges on which DCE will be listed. DCE can be bought throughout a pair-listing with ETH.